Catalogue launch: Ko-sometsuke Catalogue 古染付, Chinese Porcelain for the Japanese Market

Client  Jorge Welsh Works of Art  2013

Jorge Welsh galleries are internationally recognized specialists in oriental porcelain and works of art related to the Portuguese expansion. Their portfolio spans from regions such as Africa, India, China and Japan. The 2013 Jorge Welsh Galleries Exhibition, is an intriguing group of Ko-sometsuke food dishes known as mukozuke, which were made exclusively for the Japanese market predominantly during the Tianqi period (1621-1627) in the late Ming dynasty. The challenge in this project was to create a communication language under the theme “ko-sometsuke” reflecting these amazing porcelain pieces and highlighting the most important one of all — the hare. The visual language was applied in two main deliverables: the catalogue and all the promotional printed and digital material regarding the exhibition and the catalogue itself.

⋅ Catalogue ⋅

⋅ Invitation & Poster ⋅

One of the objectives included in the concept was the user to have the opportunity to experience the real size (little) of the dishes.  This objective was fulfilled in both promotional materials and catalogue by creating a gimmick gift set pack of 6 Ko-sometsuke dishes and also by including in the printed catalogue a visual scale reference number. The 6 ko-sometsuke animals/dishes were printed and die-cut in real size and the main one (the Hare) was included in the invitation.