The French Silverware in Calouste Gulbenkian Collection

Client Gulbenkian 2022

A Calouste Gulbenkian Collection catalogue dedicated to a selection of 18th and early 19th century French silver works made by renowned silversmiths such as François-Thomas Germain or Antoine-Sébastien Durant. More than 150 masterpieces, accompanied by comprehensive descriptions and analyses of Peter Fuhring, make this collection unique due to their diversity and quality. The publication has approximately 400 pages and is edited in Portuguese, French and English. The French Silverware in Calouste Gulbenkian Collection catalogue is a direct result of a re-design phase with the objective of creating a new editorial layout, soon to be implemented in future collection publications. A Bernier Prize was awarded to this catalogue by the French Academy of Fine Arts on the 15th November at Paris.

Project credits: Panorama