Treasures from Kings Exhibition Visual Identity

Client Gulbenkian 2023

This is a journey of devotion and power at the heart of 5 European monarchies stretching all the way to the holy land. An extraordinary treasure from the Terra Sancta Museum, offered by several European Catholic monarchs, containing artistic works of silverware, textiles and furniture still in use during religious celebration days at the Holy Sepulchre, in Jerusalem. This exhibition focuses not only on the religious subject itself, but also on the royal political strategies used at that time to project a notion of world power. With that notion in mind, we came up with a typographic concept interplay between the various kingdoms and its languages, very much focused on the notion of sovereignty and power. A visual design identity was developed for this exhibition in close collaboration with Gulbenkian’s curating, editorial, marketing and exhibition design team. Featuring 86 objects – from large-scale relief sculptures in silver to small precious coins of lead – the exhibition showcases throughout its main gallery a design system of labels, wall visual displays and a main entrance wall-sized title installation, all positioned and measured to engage readers and provide them with new ways of understanding the collection on view.

Project credits: Panorama